Artist Statement


Because making felt requires movement.

Because embroidery is meditative.

Because I find fiber art unbelievably liberating in that I have no expectations.

Making felt is a physical pursuit. Lay out the wool roving. Perhaps add silk. Always add plenty of soapy water and massage vigorously until the fibers begin to interlock. Then roll and pound the wet bundle of wool until it is transformed into a sturdy, non-woven textile.  

Although felt-making is an ancient craft, I feel there are endless possibilities to explore even in an era defined by digital technology. For me, making a piece of cloth from disorganized wool fibers is almost an act of magic.  

I think a lot about the times in which we live. I recently put away my paint brushes after years of artist block. As much as I love painting, making felt and stitching gives me room to explore traditional materials and how they might relate to today's world.​